Powering the Chiplet Revolution

Blue Cheetah’s rapidly configurable die-to-die interconnect IP is the fastest path to application-optimized chiplet solutions.

Rapidly Customized Die to Die Interconnect IP

The BlueLynx architecture enables an automated approach to create an interconnect solution that provides chip makers the fastest, lowest risk path to application-optimized chiplet interconnect solutions. This approach provides customizable tapeout-ready designs with optimized Power Performance Area (PPA) at drastically reduced time to market.

Features & Benefits


Rapidly tailored die-to-die solutions for your unique needs – Choose your packaging type, data rate, I/O configuration, process and more.

State of the Art PPA

World-renowned architects and engineers enable uncompromised design realization.

Faster Time to Market

Implementation-ready results using executable generator technology reduces product development and iteration time.

Risk Reduction

Algorithmic, compiler-like development process produces industry-standard design collateral that is predictable and silicon-integration ready

Targeting High-Performance Computing, Mobile and AI/ML Markets:

  • Bunch of Wires (BoW32, BoW64, BoW128, BoW256)
  • Low Latency Burst-mode D2D (2 to 16Gbps)
  • Advanced Interface Bus (AIB2.0 / backward compatible)

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