Advancing Chiplet

Rapidly Customizable Standards Based Die-to-Die Interconnect Solutions

Application Customized

Our BlueLynx architecture allows us to provide customizable tape-out-ready designs in a fraction of the time typically needed. Blue Cheetah’s chiplet interconnect IP solutions are configurable for packaging type, data rate, I/O configuration, process, and more. They are optimized to meet your application’s power, performance, area, and latency requirements.

Features & Benefits


Die-to-die solutions are rapidly tailored to your unique needs. Choose your packaging type, data rate, I/O configuration, process and more.

State of the Art PPA

Our architects and engineers enable uncompromised design realization.

Faster Time to Market

Our executable generator technology reduces product development and iteration time with implementation-ready results.

Risk Reduction

Compiler like development process produces industry standard design collateral that is predictable and silicon-integration ready.

Optimized for High Performance Computing, Mobile and AI Markets

  • High-bandwidth, low-power, low-latency PHY
  • Enables low latency NoC-to-NoC interface between two dies
  • 4nm, 5nm, 7nm, 12nm, 16nm process technologies
  • Up to 25mm trace lengths, compatible with organic substrates
    or advanced packages

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