Powering the Chiplet Revolution With Generator-enabled Interface Solutions

Blue Cheetah generators enable leading-edge, rapidly configurable IO solutions for in-package, die-to-die connectivity.

PHYs for Die-to-Die Chiplet Interfaces

Blue Cheetah generates state-of-the-art in-package, die-to-die communication solutions for the chiplet ecosystem. Our revolutionary BlueLynx™ Generator produces and compiles rapidly configurable, portable PHYs. This approach provides customizable tapeout-ready designs with optimized Power-Performance-Area (PPA) at drastically reduced time-to-market. 

Features & Benefits


Rapidly tailored die-to-die PHY solutions for your unique needs – Choose your packaging type, data rate, I/O configuration, process and more.

State of the Art PPA

World-renowned architects and engineers enable uncompromised design realization.

Faster Time to Market

Implementation-ready results using executable generator technology reduces product development and iteration time.

Risk Reduction

Algorithmic, compiler-like development process produces industry-standard design collateral that is predictable and silicon-integration ready

Targeting High-Performance Computing, Mobile and AI/ML Markets:

  • Bunch of Wires (BoW32, BoW64, BoW128, BoW256)
  • Low Latency Burst-mode D2D (2 to 16Gbps)
  • Advanced Interface Bus (AIB2.0 / backward compatible)

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