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Solutions & Technology

Blue Cheetah generates state-of-the-art in-package, die-to-die communications solutions for the chiplet ecosystem. Our revolutionary BlueLynx ™architecture enables configurable and portable IP. This approach provides customizable tapeout ready designs with optimized Power-Performance-Area (PPA) at drastically reduced time-to-market.


BlueLynx technology revolutionizes the game in silicon design and engineering. Using proprietary technology, Blue Cheetah eliminates inefficiencies inherent in traditional silicon design processes while maintaining complete integrity. We deliver predictable results that are rapidly configurable (responding to dynamic customer needs), optimal (best-in-class Power-Performance-Area), and predictable (silicon integration-ready) – without compromise.

BlueLynx technology algorithmically captures our world-renowned silicon architects’ knowledge and work, unbinding them from the manual traditional design processes that have bottlenecked the industry for decades. Free from the conventional inefficiencies of silicon design, Blue Cheetah engineers can quickly produce parametrized die-to-die PHY interface solutions – saving time and enhancing innovation.

Blue Cheetah Generator Diagram

BlueLynx™ technology captures designer intent as code and enables customized solutions with the assurance of silicon-proven IP.

Our BlueLynx D2D architecture enables our PHYs to support a wide variety of standards and markets, spanning performance-driven (HPC, data-centers) to low-power/cost-efficient computing (consumer and mobile electronics).

Blue Cheetah uses BlueLynx D2D IP generator to customize the following:

  • $Orientation
  • $Number of I/O’s
  • $Bump Pitch
  • $Number of Channels
  • $Data Rate 2-16Gb/s
  • $D2D Standard (ex: Bow Basic, BoW Fast, Burst mode, TX/RX compositions
  • $Process portability

BlueLynx™ enables parametrized generation of state-of-the-art IP

BlueLynx Technology Diagram

BlueLynx enables 1–16Gbps/lane D2D PHYs in 3nm to 22nm process technologies

BlueLynx™ technologies accelerate full interface PHY creation


Rapid Configurability


Process Migration


Reduce Risk


State-of-the-art PPA

Delivering World-Class Silicon IP

Blue Cheetah produces high-performance, ready-to-implement IP that enables our partners with substantial first-mover competitive advantage. Through our revolutionary technology, Blue Cheetah engineers are unleashed to innovate at speeds previously unavailable, codifying our process along the way, and minimizing time-to-silicon for subsequent generations.

Our technology implementation partners receive results to spec, delivered in familiar industry-standard formats, and ready for silicon implementation.

Leverage BlueLynx Technology and Get Ahead

Blue Cheetah is revolutionizing how silicon is designed, enabling our partners with rapidly configurable, leading-edge IO solutions for in-package, die-to-die connectivity. Get ahead of the industry with BlueLynx as part of your technology strategy.

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