Baya Systems and Blue Cheetah Partner to Deliver Chiplet Interconnect Solutions

Jun 24, 2024 | News

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 23, 2024—Baya Systems and Blue Cheetah Analog Design today announced the availability of a combined chiplet-optimized Network on Chip (NoC) and Physical Layer (PHY) interconnect IP solution. Integrating Baya Systems’ WeaveIP™ NoC, and Blue Cheetah BlueLynx™ Die-to-Die (D2D) PHY IP solves many of the complexities of chiplet interconnect, greatly simplifying the architecture and design process for chiplet-based systems. Systems-on-chip (SoCs) have driven the rapid growth in tightly integrated processing solutions needed for today’s complex, high-performance applications. An evolution of SoCs, chiplet-based designs enable more cost-effective integration of best-in-class subsystems at scale. Both approaches commonly use a NoC to connect various subsystems. The NoC replaces dedicated point-to-point connections with intelligent network infrastructure across a chip or package, providing a more efficient interconnect that eases design complexity. With chiplet-based designs, the subsystems reside on various chiplets, which may come from different foundries or process technologies but are packaged as one. Each chiplet may have unique physical requirements but needs to communicate efficiently with others, which requires robust D2D PHY interconnect solutions. “Almost all modern SoC designs use Networks on Chip (NoCs) to move data between heterogeneous computing elements. Multi-die implementations introduce another layer of complexity to fabric and cache architecture,” said Nitin Dahad, Editor-in-Chief of and EE Times correspondent. “Overcoming these complexities with a combined NoC and Physical Layer (PHY) to address the challenges of latency, bandwidth, and throughput could pave the way for a more efficient and optimized chip design and support the growth of a chiplet-based economy that many system developers and integrators would benefit from.” While chiplets simplify individual subsystems, chiplet-based designs can be substantially more complex. To solve this, Baya Systems’ WeaverPro™ software provides a data-driven platform that algorithmically optimizes designs from concept to post-silicon tuning. This enables SoC designers to extend their skills to create a chiplet-ready system architecture that is globally and locally optimized. Baya also offers Cache Studio, which enables system architects to develop optimal memory and cache architectures, and Fabric Studio, which allows designers to create data-driven system microarchitecture with its unified fabric, optimized with cycle-accurate simulation of actual workloads. “Baya’s platform designs the subsystems at a digital level, and combining it with Blue Cheetah’s PHY connects them physically,” said Sailesh Kumar, CEO of Baya Systems. “In partnership, we provide system architects with a state-of-the-art platform and powerful tools to create the most innovative and cost-effective chiplet-based products.” “Blue Cheetah and Baya Systems share a common vision to advance chiplet-based development by providing highly optimized, fully customizable interconnect solutions,” said Elad Alon, CEO of Blue Cheetah. “Customers need the capability to tailor solutions for specific applications and workloads. At the same time, they want to reap the advantages of working within the context of industry standards. Our solutions deliver on both, offering standards-based customizability.” Blue Cheetah’s BlueLynx interconnect IP provides D2D PHY and link layer interfaces and supports Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) and Open Compute Project (OCP) Bunch of Wires (BoW) standards. BlueLynx connects to on-die buses and NoCs with various standards, including AMBA® 4 CHI, AXI, and ACE. Blue Cheetah interconnect IP solutions are being delivered today using many advanced process technologies across multiple foundries and supporting standard and advanced packaging technologies.   About Blue Cheetah Analog Design Blue Cheetah provides customizable standards-based die-to-die interconnect solutions for chiplets. Its state-of-the-art semiconductor IP solutions are process-adaptable and customizable to achieve industry-leading power, performance, and area for high-performance computing, AI/ML, networking, mobile, and many other applications. The company’s BlueLynx platform provides chip makers the fastest, lowest-risk path to application-optimized chiplet interconnect solutions. Blue Cheetah was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Visit About Baya Systems Baya Systems provides software platforms and unique fabric IP components that create advanced, single-die or multi-die, chiplet-ready systems for Intelligent Compute. Its WeaverPro software and WeaveIP fabric and cache portfolio enables system architects to analyze and develop optimal system solutions for hyperscale, enterprise, AI, Automotive, GPU and IoT markets. WeaveIP is the industry’s first IP portfolio to support both multi-level coherency for large scale coherent clusters and multicast capabilities for AI accelerations that can support throughputs scaling into PetaBytes/second. Baya Systems is backed by Matrix Ventures and Intel Capital and has offices in Santa Clara, CA, Austin, TX, and Bengaluru India. For more information, visit or contact # # # Media Contact: Blue Cheetah Analog Design Pauline Shulman 415-375-0303 Baya Systems: